Use of Ozone in Fishing Industry

Use of ozone gas became widespread in fishing industry with the satisfaction of worldwide companies.

Use of Ozone in Aquariums and Sea Products

Ozone is a gas that helps fast growing and development, decreasing mortality levels, increasing water quality and eliminating the bacteria that might be harmful for fishes in fishing industry. Ozone gas undertakes the duty of nitrobacteria and decreases the nitric concentration in the water for fishes.

Use of Ozone in Processing of Sea Products

Ozone gas does not leave any wastes during disinfection process and cheaper comparing to other chemical methods, and these makes it quite advantageous. In these fields, ozone is applied in liquid or gas form.

Use of Ozone in Machine Tool Disinfection

Although the applied doses vary, the machine tools used in fishing industry can be easily disinfected with ozone in liquid and gas form.


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