Use of Ozone in Bakery Products Factories

Today, bakery industry is significantly import in Turkey's export. It is of utmost importance that disinfection is in the best levels in international trade. With this respect, ozone gas becomes widespread and a preferred disinfection process day by day.

While eliminating the microbial bacteria that might be formed on the products, ozone gas also eliminates the bacteria that might be formed in the mills and machines. Ozone gas also has the feature of being the most effective destructive disinfectant on bacteria, especially on wheat weevil and red flour beetle.

In today's technology, there are manufacturing companies which use chemical disinfection processes as well. However, these chemical disinfection processes always leave a residue on products and they are not cost effective. With the ozone gas it produces, ozone generator is the most effective disinfectant and is extremely cheap comparing to other methods.

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