With its disinfection property, Ozone gas is used in numerous fields of life. With its stylish design and ease of use, EDF Ozone can be used in any field. Thanks to its fan and air pump features, its fields of use can be diversified.According to researches, ozone gas is actively used in 34 different fields. However, with the development of technology, these fields of use are being diversified. Since EDF Ozone is produced with new generation technologies, it is in the front line in terms of the variety of fields of use.

EDF Ozone works in 3 different modes and it has 2 different application model. With the fan and air pump features, it can be used in full, manual and automatic modes. EDF Ozone does not require any maintenance or cleaning during and after use. It does not leave any chemical residues. It does not require consumables and can be used for a long time.

Ozone is an unstable gas formed by three oxygen atoms. It is the high-energy version of the oxygen with two atoms in the atmosphere, for that reason, ozone gas is also called ENRICHED OXYGEN or ACTIVE OXYGEN.EDF OZONE's production ozone gas does not contain any adverse impact or danger against health. Contrarily, it is used for therapeutic purposes in the world. Especially in treatment of diseases such as cancer, ozone therapy is quite preferable.

EDF Ozone is a device produced with new technologies. It works with electrical energy and it has the characteristic of low energy consumption. This device has the ability to disinfect the entire space with a short process and with such manner of work, it ensures significantly low and economical electric consumption.

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