EDF Ozone Generator Otozon

Price : $5,373.18(Vat included)
Discounted : $4,477.65(Vat included)


It is an ideal ozone generator that can be used to eliminate viruses, germs, bacteria and bad odors in all vehicles.

Washing the vehicle

With its timer with digital LCD screen, you can use it as you wish by making 3 different operating modules in manual, automatic and full form.


Ozone Production: 80.000mg/hour

Dimensions: 500mm x 510mm x 700mm

Weight: 16Kg

Warranty Period: 2 Year

Operating Voltage: 220-240V / 50-60Hz

Power: 200W

Cooling: Air

Control Unit: Digital Time Relay

Case: Electrostatic paint on metal



Instructions for Use and Warnings:

Plug the EDF Ozone Otozon into the power grid, and then turn it to I from the 0 / I (on / off) key.

Set the working time with the time setting button.

Manual mode; Run as long as you want

Automatic Mode; It works for the desired time between the specified time and goes into standby

Full Mode; It works for the desired time in 5 different time zones you have determined and goes on standby.





If you are not ventilating while the device is running, do not stay for a long time.

We recommend that you vent the environment for half the time it works indoors.

Inhaling ozone gas directly can cause irritation in your respiratory system.

Parts inside the device are sensitive to impacts; Protect from situations such as dropping, hitting, and shaking.

If you do not use the device for a long time, disconnect it from the electricity network by pulling the plug.

TV, computer, etc. device. Operate at least 2m away from screened devices that generate electromagnetic fields. May interfere with magnetic media devices

In order for the device to operate, the air intake and discharge areas on the front and back must be absolutely open. Do not put anything in front of or behind.




Cleaning and Maintenance:

Do not clean the device with solvent (alcohol, thinner, etc.) or abrasive cleaning materials. It can only be wiped with a dry or slightly damp cloth. The device must be disconnected from the electricity during cleaning. It is sufficient to clean the fan inlet and outlet for a short time with a vacuum cleaner once a month.


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